Weekly Parasha

Torah (original)

DATE (2016) READING      TORAH     (From the Law)   HAFTARAH    (From the Prophets/ Writings) APOSTOLIC WRITINGS THOUGHT
22 Oct N.A. Exo. 33:12-34:26   Num. 28:26-31  Eze. 38:18-39:16 Jn. 7-8 Come to the Lord and drink the living water!
15 Oct             53rd              Torah portion:
Ha’azinu (Listen)
 Deut. 32:1-52 2 Sam. 22:1-51 Jn. 21: 1-25 Our God is good and faithful – He surrounds us with His love, keeping us as the apple of His eye.  Let us not provoke Him by worshipping any other beside Him!
08 Oct              52nd              Torah portion:
         Vayelech          (And he went)
Deut. 31:1-30         Hos. 14:1-9          Mic. 7:18-20
  Joel 2:15-27
Lk. 24:13-43 God is with you, He will not fail you or forsake you! Be strong and courageous, don’t give up!
02 Oct             51st             Torah portion:  Nitzavim (Standing) Deut. 29:10-30:20 Isa. 61:10-63:9 Lk. 24:1-12 No man is so righteous that he does not need to repent.  No sin is too great that it cannot be repented of.
24 Sep             50th              Torah portion:
         Ki Tavo         (When you enter)
Deut. 26:1-29:9 Isa. 60:1-22 Lk. 23:26-56 Continually listen to His voice, continually obey His commands, and you shall be like a tree planted by living waters, prosperous and successful.
17 Sep             49th              Torah portion:
         Ki Tetze         (When you go)
 Deut. 21:10-25:19 Isa. 54:1-10 Lk. 23:1-25 That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform; even a freewill offering… Be thou one swears to his own hurt and does not change!
10 Sep             48th              Torah portion:
Shoftim (Judges)
Deut. 16:18-21:9 Isa. 51:12-52:12 Mt. 26:36-27:10 Justice, and ONLY JUSTICE shall you pursue, that you may live and inherit blessing!
03 Sep            47th              Torah portion:
Re’eh (See)
Deut. 11:26-16:17 Isa. 66:1-24  Jn. 15:1-17:26 Give unto the Lord, and bless the poor of His people, and know that God will never leave you wanting.
27 Aug             46th              Torah portion:
Ekev (If you follow)
Deut. 7:12-11:25  Isa. 49:14-51:3 Jn. 13:31-14:31 If we would hearken to His commandments to keep them, God will keep His covenant and bless and multiply us in every way!
20 Aug              45th              Torah portion:
      Va’etchanan        (And I pleaded)
Deut. 3:23-7:11 Isa. 40:1-26 Lk. 22:13-38 Hear O people of God, YHWH is the only God, so fear Him and obey Him for He is good and does all for our good!